Welcome to my Educational Portfolio.   My Name is Judith Ann Deutsch and I am a retired Business, Gifted, and Physical Education Teacher.  I loved my job as a teacher.  I like to have fun every day with the students who are learning with me.   I feel each learning day should be exciting and contain real-life experiences.  That is why I chose to start CLCUSA, (Creative Learning Center, USA)   


I attended Minot State University and received degrees in Business Education, Physical Education and Gifted and Talented.  I enjoy learning and have taken classes for a Masters in Information Systems, and a Doctoral in Cognitive Intelligence.  

My Interests and Hobbies

I am a self-proclaimed artist.  I enjoy performing and making the fine arts; singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and designing visual arts.  I also enjoy sports.  I wanted to be a professional actress, singer, dancer/twirler and softball player.   I did perform in the Seattle area for a short time and around North Dakota and Canada, I also did play under the big lights for softball in Arizona for a time.  When not concentrating on teaching, I'm helping people with business solutions; Marketing, Accounting, Health and Legal Advice.  You will definitely see all sorts of creativity in my Classroom and Business Solutions.

Fun Facts...

I competed in the NBTA (National Baton Twirling Association) Competitions and eventually made it to internationals to win a 1st in the Solo Competition and our group won the International Competition as the Flying V's.  I won enough awards in 4-H to earn a scholarship to China.  I accepted the scholarship from the American Legion of Plaza to attend Minot State University.  I completed my 12 years of schooling in 11.  I have studied 7 languages but speak none fluently.  I received Best Business Award in Bismarck for the year 2016. 


Why I became a teacher...

I realized at a young age I wanted to become a doctor and teacher.   It was my family that helped me with my interest as a doctor, and it might have been my mom that influenced me as a teacher because she was a teacher, or my Uncle because he was a Superintendent.  I know that the knowledge that my family and teachers have provided me - has created a good citizen and a person of sound character.   I believe in the education system and its values.   I hope that over the years I have given back to society citizens that are lifelong learners, with good values so they are valued, citizens.

My Teaching Philosophy …

It is my mission to provide a safe environment for children to learn in.  One that is free from bullying and one that will help students be creative learners to enhance their education.  I individualize each students learning to benefit their likes and interests, then turn those into a real-life learning environment for them.  The outcome produces citizens that will be productive in society.

I encourage all of you to go to  my Facebook page and post great ideas.   I also would love for you to let me know if you have anything for my online store to retail.   


My Educational Portfolio


CLC USA (Creative Learning Center, USA

101 Elm Ave, Apt 8

New Salem, ND  58563

TEL: 701-955-4226

CELL:  701-955-4226

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